i can smile wthout my mouth hurting but i can still fake snapchats like stop making me laugh 😚

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dang dev made me a cute azz theme i need a cute pixel to dance around in the title box tho

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taht baby?

pop a tiya ‘v v’ <- some fangs

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they find a hamster

they find dtm’s cousins pic

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hope no babies or cysts

not a chance of baby thank you i appreciate it (hugs)

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omg im suppose to get an ultrasound too there isnt a babyintherre looks for cysts but doesnt it sound cool

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hokiekamokie asked: :3


des!!!!! i havent been to norcal in so long but next time im there im definitely hangin out with you. youre so pretty and nice and i love your cute style also your thick perfect eyebrows. i remember when i first started getting to know u i thought you were from like new zealand or something cause youre sooo above sacramento haha sry

NO im not offended its a compliment :* nd you are always so sweet and genuinely kind to me..and i cant wait to meet you n ur gf my friends go to oakland like every weekend but i havent but i when i go next time i hope you are available!

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the recovery process has made me want to listen to rocket the entire time lol :)

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bitch yes i take off this entire onsie to pee

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